Friday, November 21, 2008

Yeahhhhhh!!! LOL I have a Blog!!!!!!!

So this is my very first blog!!!
I have been addicted to Paint Shop Pro for about 6 years now and
just started making scrapkits. I make tagger sized kits and love doing it.

I have been asked to join the design team at Scrap Happiness!!
Please check out the store. There are some amazing designers over

I would like to thank the incredible Bahiti for all her
help and encouragement. Without you I may never have
ventured into this. (thought about it but never imagined it
as a reality).

I will be posting freebies from time to time as well as posting when I have added
a new kit to the store.

Anyway that's it for now!!!

Big Hugs!!!!!


Nickie said...

You deserve it!!!! Awesome kits and I am so looking forward to tuting them all for you!!!!

Love ya

LadyLynx said...

Thanks hun for all your help in getting me set up!!! You are the best g/f!!!
Big Hugs!!!!

Leona said...

Wow that's so awesome! WTG Terry!!! I only wish I was as talented as you when it comes to doing this! Congratz!

LadyLynx said...

Hey GF!!!! Thanks so much!!! Glad you could make it over!!!

Big Hugs!!!!