Sunday, October 31, 2010

NEW STORE OPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please join us in celebrating the Grand Opening of
a fabulous new Store - SCRAPS FROM THE HEART!!!!

There is a ton of tremendously talented designers in this
store.  Check it out!!!  The sales are fabulous!!!  You won't
sorry you did!!!!


Also with a $5.00 purchase you get this fabulous Collab free.


Click on the previews above to go to the store!!
Check it out!!!

Hugs Terry

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Retired PTU Kit

Here is the next PTU Scrapkit to be retired!!!!
Pretty and Playful!!!   This kit was so much fun to make.
Hope you all enjoy using it as much as I did creating it!!!

Click on the preview above to go to the download!!!
or use the link below


Hugs Terry


Carol, from  Hugahav's Haven, has done this incredible
tutorial using my PTU Antiqued Butterscotch Scrapkit.


Thank you so much Carol!!!!!  This is fabulous!!!!
Click on the tag above to go to the tutorial.  While
there make sure to check out all of Carol's fantastic

Hugs Terry


Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy-------Some bad news and some good news.
Bad news first---I got hit with a major virus that shut down my
computer.  Gotta take the poor baby to the computer doctor,
cause my pitiful attempts to get into it have all failed.  I am
hoping that what ever got me didn't touch the storage drive on it
All of my PTU stuffies go directly to it and not on my C: drive. 
I usually back everything up to an external drive every couple of
days, especially when I go on buying sprees but I had gotten a
little lazy and hadn't backed anything up for a couple of months,
so now I am scrambling to try to locate all of my invoices for
purchases so I can see if I can get things I bought over the last
couple months reset and download from the stores.

GOOD NEWS----I did have another CPU that I was slowly
moving things over to, so I do have all my programs (PS3, PSP,
Ani-shop, etc) on that CPU already so it is just a case of finding
all my designing stuffies and moving onto that CPU!!! 

I did however lose 3 scrapkits that I was in the process of
packaging to put up in stores.  I am bummed but hopefully my
computer guy can retrieve all the stuff on my storage drive
without incident.  If he can it is just a matter of packaging
them and getting them up.  In the meantime I will start on a
couple more kits. (and start searching for free stuffies on
the www to use).

So off to work I gooooooooo!!!! 
Got a few things to do today!!!!

Hugs Terry

Monday, October 11, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!! Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary, Country Bug, has done two absolutely gorgeous
tutorials using my Naughty Pumpkin and Delightful ScrapKits.
Look at these beauties!!!!

Naughty Pumpkin


Star Delight


Click the tag previews above to go to the tutorials.  While there please check out all of Mary's tutorials.  She has tons of fabulous tutorials for you to try!!!!
Thanks so much Mary!!!!!  These are awesome!!!!!