Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy-------Some bad news and some good news.
Bad news first---I got hit with a major virus that shut down my
computer.  Gotta take the poor baby to the computer doctor,
cause my pitiful attempts to get into it have all failed.  I am
hoping that what ever got me didn't touch the storage drive on it
All of my PTU stuffies go directly to it and not on my C: drive. 
I usually back everything up to an external drive every couple of
days, especially when I go on buying sprees but I had gotten a
little lazy and hadn't backed anything up for a couple of months,
so now I am scrambling to try to locate all of my invoices for
purchases so I can see if I can get things I bought over the last
couple months reset and download from the stores.

GOOD NEWS----I did have another CPU that I was slowly
moving things over to, so I do have all my programs (PS3, PSP,
Ani-shop, etc) on that CPU already so it is just a case of finding
all my designing stuffies and moving onto that CPU!!! 

I did however lose 3 scrapkits that I was in the process of
packaging to put up in stores.  I am bummed but hopefully my
computer guy can retrieve all the stuff on my storage drive
without incident.  If he can it is just a matter of packaging
them and getting them up.  In the meantime I will start on a
couple more kits. (and start searching for free stuffies on
the www to use).

So off to work I gooooooooo!!!! 
Got a few things to do today!!!!

Hugs Terry

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